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Product Description:Cosy and soft heating pad made of cosy microfibreBreathable, cosy and skinfriend..

Rs. 6,649 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,649

Beurer HK 49 Cosy stomach & back heat pad

Heat for your stomach and back. The extra-soft and breathable surface and the wide elastic band make..

Rs. 6,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,899

Beurer HK 63 Magnetic Heat Pad

Beurer HK 63 Magnetic Heat Pad overviewHeat Pad with static Magnetic Field6 static permanent integra..

Rs. 7,149 Ex Tax: Rs. 7,149

BEURER HK Comfort Heating pad

Relax your body with the cosy and soft heating pad Beurer HK Comfort. It offers 3 temperat..

Rs. 4,499 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,499

Beurer HK72 Mobile Heating Pad/Belt

Beurer HK72 Mobile Heating Pad/BeltHeat not only provides a pleasant, comfortable feeling, but can a..

Rs. 10,499 Ex Tax: Rs. 10,499

Beurer Multi-function Heating Pad HK 58

Specification :Relax and unwind tired, achy or painful neck and back muscles using targeted heat the..

Rs. 6,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,899

Beurer Multifunction Heating Pad - HK 55 machine washable

Product FeaturesRapid heat upElectronic temperature controlBSS (Beurer Safety System)Removable switc..

Rs. 6,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,899

Beurer Shoulder & Neck Heating Pad (HK-54) machine washable

Fetaures:• Cosy wearing comfort by magnet closure• Breathable, fluffy soft surface• Formfi..

Rs. 7,399 Ex Tax: Rs. 7,399

Certeza Heating Pad (HP-220)

CERTEZA Medical is a leading company in medical equipments for health monitoring and therapy. The ra..

Rs. 7,699 Ex Tax: Rs. 7,699

HK 44 - Heating Pad in Traditional Hot Water Bottle Design - Relaxation and Pain Relief

Electronic temperature control guarantees constant temperature maintenance at the set level (i.e. 1 ..

Rs. 4,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,899